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Clean Windows In 1, 2, 3

Learn how to clean windows in 3 easy steps!  Window cleaning with the right tools and solution can make it an easy process that produces effective and long-lasting results. Clean windows make a big impact on the appearance of your facility and home. Check out the handy window cleaning steps and tips we’ve collected from the experts.


Download the PDF for more information. Window cleaning tips are courtesy of Ettore! 

Watch the video below to learn more!

3-Step Process

1. Start by making a window cleaning solution. Squeeze approximately 2 table spoons of professional window concentrate in a bucket containing 1 gallon of water.

2. Dip the scrubber into the bucket of solution and squeeze out excess liquid. Wash the edge of the window first, and work toward the center scrubbing in large circular motions. Use just enough solution to keep the glass wet until you squeegee off. For best results, machine wash your scrubber before first use.

3. Place the squeegee on the glass so that only an inch of rubber touches the window. Begin by “cutting in a dry edge” down the side of the window. This provides a dry edge to anchor the horizontal strokes that follow.

Cleaning Tips

-Never Clean Windows in Direct Sunlight – Sun will cause the window cleaning solution to evaporate more quickly and result in streaking.

-Start at the top of the window – Starting at the top using horizontal strokes, squeegee off the solution overlapping each stroke by about 11/2 inches. Wipe the blade between each pass with a dry, lint-free cloth. Use your cloth to dry the edges of the glass when finished.

-Don’t Forget the Window Screens – Saturate the scrubber in cleaning solution. Wash both sides of screen, rinse and air dry.

**For more information or to learn more about window cleaning, fill out the contact form online or call and talk to a KSS representative today at 800.638.4191.

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