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Is Protective Packaging Necessary for Your Business?

Protective packaging solutions may be right for your business if you have a product or surface that needs to be protected during shipping. It can be the difference between something arriving damage-free to the end-user or having to deal with costly damaged goods, shipping claims, or more. Whether you are shipping from Grand Rapids to Detroit or Kalamazoo to Tallahassee improperly packed goods can easily be damaged.

There are a variety of types of protective packaging to give you the flexibility to protect any size, shape, or strength of products. Knowing the differences between these items can help you in determining what is right for your business.

The packaging you use can also work to create an experience for your customer when they are opening their package. If you are shipping to an end-user, the packaging serves the purpose of function as well as visual appeal. It can help to build your brand and create return customers.

What Kind of Protection Do I Need?

Blocking & Bracing

Protective packaging that blocks and braces is used to prevent items from shifting, sliding, or moving. Additionally, it protects the vulnerable corners and edges of the carton from being damaged. All empty space should be filled as well, in order to have effective blocking and bracing.

Void Fill

Any cushioning, paper, or protection that is added to a package is referred to as void fill. It restricts movement of the products by filling the empty space inside a package.


Used to prevent scratches or scuffs on products, cushioning is normally something wrapped around fragile objects to prevent damage during shipping.

Surface Protection

Cushioning protective packaging solutions often provide surface protection. It is the type of packaging that protects the exterior surface of a product from scratches and scuffs.

Types of Protective Packaging Solutions


package void fill-paper

Paper can be used to cushion products, to block and brace, and as a void fill. It is normally crumpled, either by machine or hand. If using a machine filled solution, the paper is sometimes stitched to provide stronger cushioning and block and brace protection.


package cushioning-bubble wrap

Bubble is used for cushioning a product, as well as surface protection. It comes in a variety of forms. The most common are standard and anti-static bubble that comes in rolls and pouches. It can also come in cohesive, which bonds to itself and not the product; or adhesive, which bonds to the product.

Bubble and Pillow Inflatable Cushioning Systems

package cushioning-air pillow

Air pillows are a light-weight packaging solution for use as void fill, cushioning, or blocking and bracing. This helps to keep the weight of a package down, which can help with shipping costs. The pillows come un-inflated and flat and are quickly inflated by a machine. Bubble film is made for the cushioning of products. It can be used to wrap around a product, or used inside the top, bottom, or sides of a package to protect the items inside.

Surface Protection

Most cushioning solutions also provide surface protection. As it protects, it can keep the product from getting scuffed, scratched, or damaged on the surface.

Fragile Wrap

Fragile wrap is a paper-based cushioning solution used to reduce damage, often on products like electronics, glassware, ceramics, and more. It can also help reduce the amount of packaging material used on fragile products and is recyclable.


Foam is a protective packaging solution used to provide surface protection. It comes in sheets or pouches in a variety of colors. It is often used on furniture, appliances, and more. Like bubble, it can also be cohesive (bonds to itself) or adhesive (bonds to the product).


protective bubble mailer

Mailers come in a variety of sizes and are a lightweight, durable, and a customizable packaging solution. They can be made from paper or plastic and normally contain bubble to protect the contents from damage during shipping. Mailers can help you to save shipping costs compared to boxes and are best for small items.


Protective packaging can offer anti-corrosion VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) protection. Used in a large range of industries such as automotive, heavy equipment, elections, precision metals, and more, these solutions can protect against corrosion. This helps to eliminate the use of rust removal, sandblasting, and industrial degreasers.

What is the Right Solution for Your Business?

Need help determining the right type of protective packaging solution for your products? Contact KSS today for a free consultation with a packaging specialist and let us help you find the perfect fit for your application. Fill out the form below to request a consultation or receive a free bubble mailer sample.

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