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Best Practice for Replacing Parts in Your Machine

The benefits of owning cleaning equipment are numerous, from increasing productivity and efficiency, to decreasing physical strain on employees. As an important investment for your business, routine maintenance to your machine is crucial, and replacing worn out or malfunctioning parts plays a large role in this.

Choosing the right replacement parts for your machine—and following proper installation protocol—is key to ensuring that your cleaning equipment continues to perform optimally. Read on for a few best practices to keep in mind when it comes time to replace a part on your machine.

Start with the Manual.

When it comes to basic equipment maintenance—including choosing replacement parts for your machine –the best advice will typically come from the manufacturer. Upon purchase of your equipment, be sure to review your owner’s manual carefully, and store it in a safe and easily accessible location for future use. The manual will include information about how often certain parts need to be replaced lubricated or reviewed, and give recommendations for choosing the right replacement parts.

If you can’t locate your manual, the KSS Enterprises online catalog offers PDF versions of most equipment manuals. These can be located by searching our catalog for the make and model of your machine. If you need help locating this information, our Parts & Service Department or your sales consultant can be a great resource. You can reach the KSS Enterprises Parts & Service Department at 269.349.6637 if you have any questions about locating information about your machine.

Budget for Replacement Costs Ahead of Time.

Before purchasing a piece of equipment, be sure to consider not just the up-front cost, but the cost associated with maintenance. Replacement parts can make up a significant part of your maintenance budget, so it’s important to factor in how often you may have to replace certain parts on the machine and what it will cost to do so. If you’re thinking about purchasing used or refurbished equipment, also consider the availability of replacement parts for your make or model, as some may be discontinued or difficult to find.

Based on manufacturer or distributor recommendation, you can anticipate the maintenance costs associated with your machine, and plan for them accordingly in your yearly budget. In many cases, paying more up-front for a higher quality machine could end up saving you money in the long run, as you’ll experience less need for replacement parts and repairs. Be sure to discuss these options with your sales consultant when looking to purchase a new piece of equipment.

Leave it to the professionals.

Your more experienced employees are typically able to handle minor repairs and part replacements on most pieces of equipment, but when it comes to more complicated repairs, it’s best to consult with our trained service department. Our team of experienced service personnel can not only provide you with the best replacement parts for your machine, but take care of the installation as well. We even offer options for preventative maintenance plans that can help you plan for and reduce your overall maintenance costs! Give us a call today at 269.349.6637 to learn more, or visit our Parts & Service Department online!

As always, the KSS Parts & Service team is committed to helping you improve employee productivity and meet your ever-changing business challenges with quality repairs, parts, customer service, and training. Visit us online at kssenterprises.com/service-department, or give us a call at 269.349.6637, to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our parts & service offerings.

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