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Now that temperatures are on the rise, restaurants have opened their patio and rooftop areas, attracting customers eager for a fun dining experience. To help restaurants get ready for increased summer traffic, Cintas Corporation shares eight tips that will help restaurants gain a raving patio and rooftop review. “After being cooped up all winter, people...
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When buying cleaning chemicals, end users are going to get more bang for their buck by utilizing a dilution control system, according to an article on the Waxie Sanitary Supply website. Dilution control chemicals come in full concentration, so end users are saving money by not paying for added water. Also, with a dilution control...
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According to public health officials, there are three primary ways that food in restaurants and food processing facilities can become contaminated and unsafe to consume. These are: 1. Biological: unhealthy microorganisms in the food 2. Physical: hair, dirt, airborne pollutants that get in the food 3. Chemical: intrusion of cleaning chemicals into the food “Knowing...
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Supplied by Impact Products. An 18-month study conducted by the University of Toledo and Impact Products, a manufacturer of innovative tools and products for the professional cleaning and building industries, reveals that there are four core areas in a restroom from which most restroom odors emanate. The findings were based on field studies, air testing,...
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According to some estimates, any one person can come into direct and indirect contact with floors as much as 50 times every day. If floors are contaminated, that contamination may now be on our fingers, and because we touch our faces about 16 times per day, the likelihood that these contaminants are now on our...
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Cleaning work can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of 800 private-industry occupations, cleaners are invariably in the top 10 when it comes to work-related injuries involving days away from work. Frequently reported injuries include the following: • Slip and fall accidents • Muscular strain from lifting and bending • Eye...
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Cleaning crews vigorously scrubbed surfaces Monday at St. Charles East High School in St. Charles, IL, after 800 students and 50 staff members missed class due to norovirus-like symptoms. According to a report from television station WLS in Chicago, IL, cleaning crews used a bleach solution to disinfect the school and were guided with the help of...
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