Our Online Ordering Catalog

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Why use online ordering?

  • Order 24/7 as needed
  • Web-based system allows you to order from any computer
  • Multiple users per account
  • View product history, including last quantity and date ordered
  • Choose from multiple ship-to locations
  • Create custom order sheets for various locations, products most commonly ordered, and others.
  • Set-up and track budgets on a weekly, monthly or annual basis when ordering online
  • Email confirmation of orders


Easily sign up for online ordering to take advantage of all these benefits.

If you would like to get started or have questions, please reach out to your sales consultant or contact customer service at 800.638.4191.






Can I see my order history if I have an online ordering account?

Yes! One of the benefits of online ordering is that you can see your product history, last quantity ordered, year-to-date quantity ordered, and last sale date. Simply click the "Customer History" tab in your toolbar once you have logged in. If your history does not immediately appear, please select "all addresses" from the ship to box and your history will appear.


My log-in is not working.


This is usually because it is case sensitive. If the issue still persists, choose the “Forgot password?” option and an email will be sent to resolve your issue.



I'm not sure how to use online ordering.


Download our help guide that will help explain the process. As always, feel free to contact any of our locations for customer service.



How do I set up budget tracking through online ordering?


Please contact Christie at 800.638.4191 for help initializing the budget feature.