The KSS Mission


Maintaining our dedication to our partners, we will enhance the health and cleanliness of your environment. Our team commits to reducing your overall cost to clean by setting the standard of excellence in the industry.


KSS is a premier provider of quality cleaning supplies and services. We change the status quo by challenging ourselves each day. Commitment; we provide value to all our partners. Dedication; our ongoing growth and development personally and professionally. Tenacity and Focus; this is reflected in our engagement with our customers, manufacturers, team members and communities we serve. Embracing these attributes drives our success.

Core Values:


Rewarding Environment

Through verbal and written recognition, we take the time to acknowledge and affirm our colleagues' and partners' performances and outstanding achievements. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. Through collaboration and innovation, we create an environment that is positive and supportive.


Growth & Development

We set the bar for achievement in our industry. We know that tomorrow's success is only possible though our tenacity and dedication. We create a continuous learning environment that defines opportunities for partners and team members to improve themselves, and evaluate their progress, as they become masters of their profession.



Always doing the right things, at the right time, in the right place, for the right reasons. Our actions always reflect fair and equitable conduct.



We are goal oriented and results driven. Accountability to the company, our partners, each other and ourselves, is an uncompromising requirement. As an industry leader, KSS sets the highest standards to ensure every experience is positive for team members, partners, and our competitors.



We develop and grow meaningful partnerships, which are the foundation of our organization. Continuous improvement is achieved by generating and implementing new ideas to improve quality, efficiency and overall value for our partners.